Rachel Uchitel And Tiger Woods- How To Stop Your Spouse From Cheating

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It Now Appears that Tigers Woods “crash” has a bit more to the story. Reports indicate that he may have been having an extended 31 month affair with Rachel Uchitel. Uchitel is a nightlife promoter of sorts. It seems that she is not the only mistress involved as more details begin to surface. You can be sure to see ongoing news stories about it.

The question always arises, WHY DO PEOPLE CHEAT? or How Can You Stop Your Spouse From Cheating? It’s not fair to say that only men cheat, but when they do they seem to make the news, just as TIGER Woods is now, John Edwards, and a certain governor from South Carolina.

The second question you might ask is Can We get back together after one partner has “cheated”. Of course, it depends on the parties involved, but yes often couples do work it out. In Tiger’s case undetermined amount of “millions” might do it. But as Ruth Purple describes you don’t have to let things get to this point.

Below is a video From Ruth Purple Author of Stop Your Spouse From Cheating On You!

If your have a spouse you think might be cheating or you may like to check it out. Here are just a few of the things she reveals in her book.

1. Help you understand the degree of infidelity
2. Show you what will happen if infidelity is not handled
3. Give you astounding information on how to spot a cheater
4. Give you a self-awareness quiz about cheating
5. Teach you how to become an expert at sizing your man
6. Teach you self-empowerment approaches to heal your pain.
7. Give you thorough assessment;
if getting your man back is worth all your effort or not
8. Teach you effective techniques about how to get him back
9. Teach you a great system to help you maintain a
passionate relationship
10. Give you enriching advice on how to deal with day to
day relationship set backs

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