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When it comes to the question of what attracts women to the opposite sex then there are diverse opinions and suggestions to be looked into. Usually men are clueless because they find it so hard to understand what is going inside a mind of a woman. To know what can possibly attract a woman is not a tough job. A woman looks for certain inherent characteristics in men that attract her most. Given below are some dating advices that will help you to attract and win the heart of the woman you love:

• Cleanliness counts the most- The very first thing noticeable by a woman when a man approaches her is how clean the guy is. It all includes; properly brushed teeth, nice hair, fresh breath and should smell good. Looks are not that important but cleanliness definitely is. Dating advice 1, it is not a good idea to approach a woman if you lack proper cleanliness.

• A man with a purpose of his life- This characteristic of man reflects his will and his strength in decision making. Most women look for this particular trait in a man because they think that this would possibly reflect his approach and attitude towards the relationship. Dating advice 2, have a purpose in your life.

• Self confidence- This aspect of a man acts as a determinant when a woman chooses a man. A man who is confident shows that he can survive in hard or trying conditions. It also reflects the mental makeup of a man. Dating advice 3, a positive body language will go a long way to win heart of a female partner.

• Be Yourself- Dating advice 4, a woman always look for a certain sense of novelty regarding her man. If you are not yourself and act in a way which you are not can shy away any woman you would like to woo. By you being the real you can score you more number with the woman you like to approach.

• You should care- Those men who show genuine sense of caring also get the women’s attention. Women always like to feel as they have your heart, and you would do anything for them. Dating advice 4, you don’t have to spend lots of money for this; you just need to shower her care and affection to make her feel special in your company.

• Funny and Witty-Dating advice 5, Women like to be in company with those men who has sense of wit and has some sense of humor. So, if you can have a witty conversation with your lady and top it with few funny jokes then you have the good chance to make you mark.

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