How To Look Attractive: Find Your Irresistible Side Using The Mirror Method!

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How do you feel about mirrors? Are they a friend, an enemy, or an off-again-on-again ally in the battlefield of seduction? Regardless of how you feel about mirrors now, if you can train yourself to see your good sides in them, they can become a very potent tool in ensuring that you always look your best.

You’d be hard pressed to find an American strip club that isn’t covered with mirrors. It’s how we learn to dance when we first start: staring at our reflections, figuring out how it looks from this angle when we toss our hair or from that angle when we swing our hips. You can always tell a newbie stripper by the way she stares at herself in the club mirrors. It’s not only a mechanical tool, but a seductive one.

Just as the customers in a strip club are titillated by all the gently swaying limbs both on stage and reflected in the mirrors, so becomes the stripper mesmerized by what she sees, almost forgetting that it is herself she is watching. The moral of this story is that confidence is not an intangible idea, but a series of behaviors that can be learned.

If you’re not a stripper, it is still helpful to know what you look like to men, visual creatures that they are. Put your full-length mirror somewhere centrally located and pay close attention to what you see there. If you start focusing on how big your thighs are or the zit on your forehead, firmly tell yourself to shut up and focus on something you like about yourself instead. Watch yourself talk on the phone. Watch yourself sweep the floor. Watch yourself comb your hair. Now watch yourself undress, dance, slide your hands over your body. Play up to yourself until you do something sexy. Then do it again, and again, and again until it feels perfectly natural. Now: do it all the time. You are your toughest critic.

If you can find a series of gestures so sexy that you turn yourself on, how could a man from whom you want something possibly resist?

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