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   My friend Dave has a great story about one of his female friends and how she thought his  online Dating program must be some sort of a joke. It’s a revealing story that we can all learn something from so here it is from Dave himself:

Recently, a female friend of mine (a very attractive one, I might add) heard about my reputation of being the ‘Don Juan of Online Dating.’

She also found out that I had developed a program (Insider Internet Dating) that teaches men how to get more dates through online dating sites. She stunned me when she said, “Dave, whatever it is you teach, I know it would *NEVER* work on me.”

“What makes you say that?  I asked You haven’t even seen what I do.”

“Because I’m bullet-proof,” she said.  “I know EVERY trick in the book as far as men’s pickup lines go.” And of course I believed her.

She’s one of those desirable women who always has a throng of men around her.
She’s also been active in the online dating scene for quite a while, and has had more than her share of men asking her out, propositioning her, etc. that I didn’t doubt she’s heard every manner of pickup strategy imaginable.

Just then, I had an idea.  “Listen, how would you like to take a look at my Insider Internet Dating program and let me know what you think?” I asked.

She thought about it for a few moments, and then she said, “Okay, why not?  I could use a few laughs.”  I handed her a login to Insider Internet Dating one
weekend. Come Monday, I heard back from her, and what she said to me blew me away.  I asked her if she wouldn’t mind putting it in writing, and she agreed.

According to Dave, she prefers to remain anonymous because what she’s written may get her in trouble with other women who don’t want her spilling their secrets.  So she wrote under a pseudonym, “AnnaMaria”. And here is what she said:

Hey fellas — I’m about to reveal to you something about women that other women don’t want you to know.

And that’s why I’m using a pseudonym (AnnaMaria) because I don’t want other women to find out that it was I who spilled women’s secrets to men. Here’s the first thing you need to know about women:

A woman can be made to do ANYTHING for a man, and be willing to do a man’s bidding – but ONLY if a man knows a woman’s psychology.

Yes, women are so easy to control and manipulate that it’s quite laughable, really. But only a small minority of men understand women’s psychology very well — and those are often the men who are wildly successful with women.

That’s why when Dave M. asked me to take a look at his Insider Internet Dating program and give him my honest opinion, I was quite frankly SHOCKED by what I found.

In Insider Internet Dating, Dave M. explains the psychology of women so accurately that it made me suspect he’s been eavesdropping on women’s conversations or reading women’s minds.

He teaches you how to use women’s natural predisposition to gain power over them and have them chase after you. His techniques are right on target, in my opinion.The fact is, when it comes to dating, women have the upper hand (as you guys know) — and we are keenly aware of our power.

On the Internet, our power is multiplied dramatically because men who join online dating sites far outnumber women. So we have dozens and sometimes even hundreds of men groveling at our feet — begging us for our phone numbers and wanting to take us out on a date.

So guess what?

These e-mails from men are all alike — lame or sometimes even disgusting — and we treat them with as much disdain as those unsolicited commercial e-mails (AKA spam) and DELETE them as fast as they come.

In a universe of sameness, things which are different will grab our attention. I’ve received literally thousands of e-mails from all kinds of men — and guess what?

Very few of them ever got me interested enough to respond.

But when I reviewed Insider Internet Dating and saw the first e-mail that Dave M. routinely sends out to women at online dating sites (as well as his alternate e-mail), I said to myself, “Wow! I would definitely respond to that e-mail.”

That’s because the e-mail stands out — it does NOT blend in with the rest of the same-old same-old bunch. It really made me sit up and take notice.

And you know what else? If I happened to miss seeing that first e-mail (because I may have accidentally deleted it along with all the other vanilla e-mails), Dave M.’s alternate “no reply” e-mail would have definitely caught my attention.

He used some reverse psychology there that’s extremely effective. Wow! I’d have responded right away for fear of being branded an “average girl.”

I want to emphasize again that responding to any man’s e-mail is a rare occasion for me because you should see the awful and uninspired e-mails I routinely got from men.

Of the 50+ e-mails I got per day, I’d be lucky if I got a single one that interested me. This made me feel that most men who join online dating sites are losers.

In contrast, Dave M.’s e-mails are engaging, they command attention, and are even humorous — and that would make me want to know him better. Oh, and his “get the digits” e-mail can get just about any woman to give you their phone number.

That brings me to another IMPORTANT thing you need to know about women: When you make us laugh, you earn points. A sense of humor earns lots of points with women. That’s because when we laugh, we know we’re having a good time.

I know that when I’m having a good time, I’m more likely to consider giving a man my phone number, or agree to go out on a date with him, or want to go out on a second date and beyond — even if he’s not really my type — or even though he’s not particularly attractive.

Dave M. correctly points out that the No. 1 thing that attracts a woman to a man is a sense of humor — even more than good looks or wealth. He also gives specific ways to inject humor in your e-mails and conversations with women. That gets a man to first base, in my book!

Now, here’s where Dave M. really shines. He knows how to shift the balance of power. without acting like an arrogant bastard. He calls it “flipping the tables.” Remember what I said earlier — that when it comes to dating, we, women know we have the power — and we use it to the max.

But nothing brings us to our knees (figuratively and literally) faster than a man who exercises supreme confidence and snatches that power away from us. That’s the modern-day equivalent of sweeping us off our feet and letting us know who’s boss. And that’s so attractive to us — it’s positively sexy.

Dave M. points to an important aspect of human nature — we place no value on things that come too easy. And that’s definitely true for women when it comes to men.

We take for granted the men who praise, admire and pursue us, and we chase after those who are hard to get, or that we have to work hard to please.

Dave M.’s tactics for “turning the tables” on women are right on the money because when you use them, you can certainly get women to chase after you, for a change.

These are just a few examples of Dave M.’s expert use of the psychology of women. And here’s the kicker: Even when we KNOW you’re pulling the “Let me tell you who’s the boss around here” tactic, we love it anyway because deep down, we, women want to be dominated.

Sure, it might seem as though women want to have our way all the time — but it’s so utterly boring when a man gives in to our wishes all the time because that means we’ve got him wrapped around our little finger — and that’s when we lose interest and start looking for a bigger challenge.

Dave M.’s strategy of switching the balance of power is irresistible to women. His e-mails are polite, but he tells a woman in no certain terms who’s in control. This doesn’t necessarily mean a man has to acquire an “attitude”.

All he needs are a few well-chosen words that make a dramatic impact on women — and Dave M. gives the word-for-word “script” that men can simply copy and paste into their own e-mails to women or adapt the script to their particular situation. It’s brilliant!

Why is it brilliant? Because it makes a woman want to PROVE to a man that she’s QUALIFIED to date him. Oh, God — it’s pure genius! I used to be a professional salesperson, and therefore, I know this ploy works wonders on sales prospects — that is, you get them to PROVE that they have the ABILITY to buy what you’re selling, and that makes them want it more.

Pre-qualifying works in sales — and it definitely works with women! Trust me on this.

All in all, I think Dave M’s Insider Internet Dating is an amazing program that teaches simple principles that truly work with women. I know because all the strategies described in it would work with on me — and I’m pretty much bullet-proof when it comes to men’s advances, both online and offline.

Dave M.’s program is not going to teach you how to become a tricky gigolo (like other how-to dating courses do), but rather, it will teach you the dating — and mating — psychology of women. Sure, there’s a bit of contrived action and communication involved, but always remember this: Women would rather be wooed with artifice than be bored to tears.

With Dave M.’s program, you’ll learn how to treat women in a way that will make you successful in all your interactions with them — both online and offline.

Dave M’s Insider Internet Dating is such a simple, yet effective way of achieving success in online dating that it won’t be too long before mothers of dating-age men will buy this program for their sons to help their sons get more dates!

Well there you have it, a testimonial from a real woman. If you are ready to start meeting women online, or have tried and failed before Insider Internet Dating can now give you the results you are looking for. Or do you want to be just like all those other guys?



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