How You CAN Meet Your Match

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Meeting Your Match

Are you thinking that you are ready to meet your match? We picked up some tips from Dr. Jackie Black that I know you can use for successful dating.

First on the list is SELF Knowledge. Knowing what your needs are, what your values are, what you find humorous, your temperament and everything else that is
important to you.

Putting too much emphasis on what the other person thinks, make a point to find out how you “feel” in their presence and not what you think about it.

There is no need to put on a mask, or be a dating CHAMELEON in order to impress someone. Learn to be authentic, speak your truth, willing to risk, and be accepted for who You are. Forget if they like you, do you like them?

Eliminating self doubt. Realizing that it is actually “impossible” for a total stranger to reject you. We are all so hung up on rejection, how much are we missing out on? Someone might decide that you aren’t a match for you and you can also do the same. So they aren’t really rejecting -You just deciding that certain aspects aren’t a match and that’s OK.

Realize that a real match isn’t going to happen that often. Not that many people are going to be right for us so it is actually a bit of relief to know and expect that ahead of time and when we do find that special match it makes it that much better.

How powerful are you, can you “make” someone like you, can you make them sad or happy. We really can’t and are only responsible for our own actions and emotions.

Having a vision for a relationship, are you willing to make agreements, commitments, negotiate, and be flexible as well. Realize who you are going to BE, strengthen the parts of your self, get grounded, work on your own emotional intelligence and you will be the best match that some one will find.

There is know such thing as being too picky when it comes to what you want. Giving up and giving in only tells yourself that you don’t really deserve what you want. Self knowledge first and then partner knowledge is the key.

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