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Making Your Dating List And Checking It Twice

By Sharyn Abbott

Why should you make a list? Let me ask you, what do you think you’ll attract if you are never specific about what you do want?

Let me tell you about a friend of mine that ended up dating for more than 8 years, eagerly searching for Mr. Right and always finding Mr. Wrong. She constantly told me about these nightmare dates, but bless her heart, she never gave up or gave in and accepted someone in her life that was less than who she truly deserved.

She moved to the Bay Area in 1990 from Seattle, WA and I met her about six months after she moved to California. She was already disappointed at how much harder it was to meet people here than Seattle so I took her to a business event where I was able to introduce her to about 50 business associates that I knew personally.

I asked each one if they knew of a great man that was looking for a great woman for a committed relationship. The same evening, I took her to one of the busiest dance clubs and introduced her to another 20 singles. After each introduction I would ask if anyone might know of someone that she could date. I always specifically defined the attributes that she was looking for.

Her ideal date would have been divorced at least 2 years, not dating currently, has 2 to 4 kids, working at a professional job and has a lot of friends.

What we did during the next few weeks was to detail a complete list of preferences: what her interests were, what activities she liked to do, her favorites in every category and the complete list of everything she did not like in a man or more precisely her list of “will not tolerate” items. Fortunately that list was short, but it did include a man not having to watch football every weekend during the season.

It took about six months, but she finally found her match and they were married within a year from after they met. It’s been about ten years now and they are still very much in love and feel like they’re still dating and have the time of their lives!

If you’d like to find that someone special, your best friend and your soul mate, you Make Your List of priorities. The more specific the better you can always revise it and add or delete items, but getting clear about what you want it the first step towards receiving it. Often the little things that might not seem like a big deal turn out
to be the most frustrating or irritating. So learn to choose well.

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