Making First Dates More Enjoyable and Fun

What is The BEST type of first date?

Most people are usually nervous when it comes to their
first dates. This can make you look like someone who had
taken gallons of coffee before the date. It’s ok to be excited but your dates should be fun and not a source of stress.

Usually, first dates are spent in places where you can sit
and talk with your date in order to know each other better.

Some go to the movies, have some coffee at the local coffee
house, or the classic dinner date in an expensive restaurant so as to impress their dates.

Dates like these just need a little jump-start to be more
effective. Sometimes the “awkward silence” comes about and you are just left staring at the door.

Some people like to get right to the bottom of things and ask alot of questions. It seems like a pretty direct way to go and may save you alot of time narrowing down the field. As everyone is different, I wouldn’t like this approach myself.

It’s true sometimes we do like someone after getting to know them and sometimes we don’t. I am sure you have experienced this.

OK here is the suggestion for the best type of first date. Do something PHYSICAL. By that I mean an activity where you can go and do something together.

Here are the reasons. One, you can avoid the typical date and do something different. Everyone like a bit of adventure and your date will be memorable no matter what you do.

Two, when you interact with someone this way you actually can learn more about them than you could just be talking.

Three, getting your body moving and stimulating your brain will actually release the feel good hormones that your brain craves and the experience will be anchored to you. Also, having some incidental body contact is built into the experience.

I know you’re smart and can think of ideas on your own, but here are a few to get you started. Some may get you excited and some won’t, but you’d be surprised how much fun you can have even doing simple things like bowling for example-if you approach it the right way.

Skating, or Rollerskating, rollerbladeing.
Mountain climbing, or hiking,
Swimming or walking on the beach
Bike riding
Walking, running, or working out
Shop and cook a meal together
Dancing, or dance lessons
Rent a boat, canoe, or sailboat, go fishing
Play basketball or volleyball
Go to a sporting event
Play laser tag or Paintball

Try adding some adventure or do a set of enjoyable activities together in order to have fun with your dates. Another aspect is that you can do these activities for a few hours and find out if you like the person, then if all goes well you can plan more activities for your second and third date.

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