My Boyfriend is Cheating on Me – 3 Ways to Tell

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He’s home late again. Your boyfriend keeps telling you he has to work late, but something just doesn’t seem right. You have a suspicion that he’s cheating on you, but you don’t want to confront him until you’re sure. How can you be sure? There are three areas you need to examine to see if your boyfriend is cheating.

You need to look at cell phone usage, internet usage, and personality changes to get the answer to your question is my boyfriend cheating on me.

First, examine his cell phone usage. A boyfriend who’s cheating often becomes very secretive about his cell phone. He will start charging his phone at work or in the car, never letting it out of his sight. When he gets a phone call, he’ll take it into another room to talk. He’ll also be texting an unknown “friend” throughout the day.

Next, look at your boyfriend’s Internet usage. Is he using the Internet long after you go to bed? Does he shut the screen of the laptop when you enter the room? Is he suddenly acting secretive in only wanting to use the computer alone? Many Internet relationships turn into a full blown offline cheating. It’s best to find out what’s going on before the relationship gets too serious.

Thirdly, consider your boyfriend’s personal behavior. Has he suddenly grown distant and cold? Does he respond to every question with a yes or no answer? Does he seem to be avoiding you, even at home? Does he not return your calls in the same time frame he used to?

If two or more of these signs are present, there’s a good chance your boyfriend is cheating on you.

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