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Why should we read “1000 Questions For Couples”?
Currently the divorce rate of couples is increasing. The reason leads to this tragedy is the couples don’t know how much they actually know their partner. Even you are acquaintance, you have to know his character, temper, beliefs, habits and so on to have a overall understanding of your friends. So, the couples should have a better knowledge of their partners which can decrease their suffering and improve happiness in the later life after marriage. At the beginning period of marriage or the period of honeymoon, they focus on the sweet days and have no eye on a matter for a long lasting relationship. So, once they finished this period, they have to face the reality. Something maybe varies from their thoughts for the image of marriage. With time goes by, the differences growing up. The marriage may become unsteady. So, one should do relationship quizzes to avoid going wrong with your relationship with your partner. You can open aspects of your relationship
and interpersonal skills in dealing which you never noticed with not only your life partner and your friends. So, how to do the relationship quiz?

“1,000 questions for couples”
is the very method. In getting along with your life with your partner, you should ask many questions about career, money, children, child rearing, morals, personality, past and present relationships, beliefs and conviction and also sex. By asking such questions, you may explore a new knowledge and understandings of your partner. This may decrease embarrassment and confirm your relationship in the marriage. As you all know, one may feel embarrass to ask such questions. Don’t worry. This book also helps you to develop the atmosphere to ask them. If you want to keep the intimate relationship and hold the happiness; if you want to grasp how your partner think about your relationship and what is her thinking, don’t hesitate to read Michael webb’s
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